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The right time to make a will and plan for your future.

Making a will is not a pleasant thought but a very necessary one. Planning for a time when you are no longer here, and protecting your family and loved ones, gives you and them peace of mind.

Our clients often tell us that they took the decision to write a will due to a change in family circumstances, their personal situation or after suffering a health scare or ongoing health challenges. Whatever your reason for writing a will, planning and protecting your family and their future is vital and we will help you with every aspect.


Making provisions for your family and agreeing how assets such as your home will be managed gives you peace of mind. We can advise you on what debts and taxes will need to be paid and document details regarding your last wishes and how they will be carried out. Having a will and a plan also gives those you leave behind the reassurance that everything you wanted has been achieved.

At DMD Law our experienced solicitors can provide you with sound advice, and prepare a will that is tailored to meet your needs and that ensures your estate passes on to those whom you wish to benefit.

Power of attorney

A power of attorney is an appointed and trusted relative or friend who is responsible for dealing with your financial affairs, property and, if you so choose, decisions about your personal welfare, in the event that you are unable to. Should you become ill or unable to make decisions for yourself, then your power of attorney can act on your behalf.

Where a power of attorney has not been granted previously, we can advise relatives and friends on obtaining a Guardianship or Intervention Order where necessary.


There can be many reasons why you might want to set up a trust for a loved one and/or family member. You may have entered a new relationship, have children from a previous relationship you want to create a trust for, manage future inheritance tax or prevent your home from being sold to pay for your care in the future.

A living trust spells out exactly what your desires are with regard to your assets, your dependants and your heirs. A will becomes effective only after you die. The big difference is that a  living trust bypasses the costly and time-consuming process of probate, enabling your appointed trustee to carry out your instructions as documented in your living trust at your death, and also if you’re unable to manage your financial, healthcare and legal affairs due to incapacity.

A living trust is most appropriate for individuals who have complex financial or personal circumstances, such as substantial assets, a blended family, closely held business interests, or property in other states.

At DMD Law we can advise and help you to set up a trust and manage its administration.

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